welcome to pupyzu !

[we are bodily 18 & white]

NICOLAS + james/nico || they/he/she
AMBRA + ember/rhys || boo/py/spook/she/it
TOBIAS + toby/bat/bruce || x/it/that thing
SALEM + sage/solstice || it/its

nicolas :
put a spell on me ୨୧ nico speaks!
oh, necromancer ୨୧ nico coins!
fragrance in thaw ୨୧ ambra speaks
versemonger of the darkest alleys ୨୧ ambra coins
tobias :
the rude of heart ୨୧ toby speaks
never really felt okay ୨୧ toby coins
salem :
i just adore you ୨୧ salem speaks!
learn how to love ୨୧ salem coins!
misc :
i am a forest fire ୨୧ rb
i am a witness watching it ୨୧ asks

welcome to pupyzu18 !

  1. this blog is for those 18 or older; for other plural folks, please don’t interact if you’re bodily under 18.

  2. do not flirt or make sexual comments to me [unless its jokingly]

  3. i wont be replying to dms on this account; if you need to dm me, please do so through pupyzu.

i wont accept requests regarding :

  1. ddlg, scat, fat fetishism, cnc, pedophilia, incest, abuse, zoophilia, or necrophilia.

  2. real people

misc rules :

  1. we will change andr/gyne to ambiguine unless it is stated to be for intersex reclamation.

  2. we will change achillean to vincian.

  3. i wont coin culturally/racially exclusive genders (nothing against them, im just white)

  4. i wont coin religiogenders for religions/pantheons i don't follow.

welcome to pupyzucrd !

  1. i wont be replying to dms on this account; if you need to dm me, please do so through pupyzu.

  2. feel free to ask any questions in the inbox.


'Free' Plan : $2
'Standard' Plan : $3
'Plus' Plan : $4


coms are currently open !

terms and conditions :

  1. Do not remove the 'credits' section of the Carrd.

  2. It will take me between 1 to 7 days to complete your commission. i'll let you know as soon as it is done.

  3. i have the right to decline any commission requests.

  4. If you have not accepted the Carrd transfer within a week of completion, the Carrd will be deleted.

  5. No refunds, but i will edit it for free within three days of sending if you're unhappy.

what i'll need to make your carrd :

  1. Which type of Carrd you are requesting (Free, Standard, or Plus).

  2. The email linked to your Carrd account.

  3. Any images/GIFs/ETC that you want included in your Carrd; please include the artist's username or a link to the posting of the art, or it will not be used.

  4. The URL you want; please make sure that it is available.

  5. A color scheme, theme, or reference Carrd, if you have one.

  6. The amount and types of sections you'd like (e.g. 3 sections - home, kinlist, DNI).

  7. Information that you want on your Carrd (e.g. about me, interests, BYF, DNI, ETC), preferably in a Google Document.